Serving brunch on Sundays has been something we have wanted to do for a while.  Now, with the passing of
“The Brunch Bill” by Governor Cuomo on September 7, 2016, and the completion of our new room, we can go a step further with the vision of the brewery. Coco’s Cafés has been working with us since our first summer.  

Coco and her crew have been hard at work in all kinds of weather and cooking up some delicious meals. Her first brunch menu offerings are delicious.  I tried her Eggs Benedict served with Steuben Club Stout.  The eggs were poached perfectly, the hollandaise was decadent, and the potatoes were just how I like them. Reviews have been outstanding.  

We will soon be connecting with a local coffee roaster to serve coffee on Sunday mornings.  Brunch is served from 11:00am-3:00pm.


Starting Friday, February 10th we will be serving soft pretzels made at Wide Awake Bakery in Trumansburg, NY.

Baker Nick removing fresh pretzels out of the oven

Theses pretzels will be picked up fresh from their oven every Friday.  Wide Awake Bakery’s baker intends the pretzels to be consumed fresh, so we will be serving these on Fridays only. Wide Awake Bakery works in partnership with Oechsner Farms and Farmer Ground Flour.  The farmers, millers, and bakers all work collaboratively with some amazing results.   I think it goes without saying that soft pretzels and beer are a great pairing.

These beautifully crafted pretzels will pair perfectly with our craft beer offerings. They have a nice rustic edge and taste amazing. I had the pleasure of visiting the bakery and talking with baker Nick Polato who has been perfecting his pretzel recipes.  He spoke with passion about the ingredients and how they are made.  Nick’s pretzels are made with a blend of organic rye, spelt, and wheat flour, all from Farmer Ground Flour.



I even got a tour of the bakery and a behind-the-scenes look at the state-of-the-art wood-burning oven.

Wood burning in the firebox

Inside the oven and large stone turntable cooking surface

The face of the oven